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Boy Alice in Wonderland[edit]

Event Story Boy Alice in Wonderland.png
Boy Alice in Wonderland — 不思議の国の青年アリス

The Adventure for Sardines[edit]

Event Story The Adventure for Sardines.png
The Adventure for Sardines — にぼしを巡る冒険

The Great Camp Bonding Strategy[edit]

Event Story The Great Camp Bonding Strategy.png
The Great Camp Bonding Strategy — 絆のキャンプ大作戦


Enjoy! Adult School Trip[edit]

Event Story Enjoy! Adult School Trip.png
Enjoy! Adult School Trip — Enjoy!大人の修学旅行

The Master Likes a Mystery[edit]

Event Story The Master Likes a Mystery.png
The Master Likes a Mystery — 主人はミステリにご執心

Midsummer SparkleMemory[edit]

The Clockwork Heartbeat[edit]

Event Story The Clockwork Heartbeat.png
The Clockwork Heartbeat — ぜんまい仕掛けのココロ

Dazzling☆Beachside PASSION[edit]

Event Story Dazzling☆Beachside PASSION.png
Dazzling☆Beachside PASSION — ギラギラ☆渚のPASSION

Captain Sky Pirates[edit]

Walk with me, talk with me![edit]

Tales of Chivalry: Ginji the Wanderer[edit]

Event Story Tales of Chivalry Ginji the Wanderer.png
Tales of Chivalry: Ginji the Wanderer — 任侠伝・流れ者銀二

Tag Match: Halloween '17[edit]

Event Story Tag Match- Halloween '17.png
Tag Match: Halloween '17 — タッグマッチ・ハロウィン'17


hAve A greAt trip![edit]

TRY! Shining Collab Stage[edit]

Event Story TRY! Shining Collab Stage.png
TRY! Shining Collab Stage — TRY!輝きのコラボステージ

Merry,Xmas! Mr.Blooming.[edit]

Everyone's Old Year, New Year[edit]

Event Story Everyone's Old Year, New Year.png
Everyone's Old Year, New Year — みんなのゆく年くる年

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