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Troupe Member Blog (劇団員ブログ Gekidanin BUROGU) was introduced into the game in the 2.0.0 update, accessible via the mobile phone icon on the home screen. It features blog posts written by the members of MANKAI Company.

Blog Posts[edit]

January 2018[edit]

Hello everyone!

Sakuma Sakuya Motif.png Sakuya Sakuma
Viewing Period: January 29 to February 2

This is Spring Troupe's leader, Sakuya Sakuma.
We've been running a troupe blog for a while, but Sakyo-san suggested we renew it, so here we are.
I'll leave his comment here.

Absurd Japanese, a ridiculous number of typographical errors, far too personal blog posts...
This troupe blog was simply not doing its job in any way or form; in order to do away with this situation, we decided to re-examine the ways of blogging. From now on, we'll run this blog under proper rules.
I'll do my best to proofread, but if you see some unsightly posts here and there, please let them slide.

...That's all!
There's no particular order for these blog posts... it seems like whoever wants to write next will write next!
Please look forward to our next update!


February 2018[edit]

A Big Uproar

Fushimi Omi Motif.png Omi Fushimi
Viewing Period: February 6 to February 8

Hello. Fushimi Omi from Autumn Troupe here.
This is only the second entry of this blog, I thought I have to do it properly so in the beginning I typed it all formally, but Sakyo-san told me…
"Too stiff. Write it more roughly so the fans can read it more easily. It's not an essay see".
I think the others will write like this too.

The preface was long but…

The truth is the other day the oven in the dorms broke down, there was a real uproar.
Fortunately, the cause was the looseness of some parts so I asked Tasuku-san and he fixed it the day after but…
On that day I couldn't make sweets, see.
I made a promise to bake chocolate cookies with Muku, so both him and Juza were extremely depressed. My heart was in pain.

So, I went to a popular Western sweets store in Veludo Way and bought cookies, but I was surprised to see the interior of the store was all Valentine themed.

Thinking of which it's Valentine soon huh.
Good thing the oven was fixed quickly.
Seems like this year too I'll be able to give sweets to all the Company members.

Speaking of which, on the way home I passed by the Actor's Café and seemed like they were working on the interior design.
They might open it for a limited time again.
By the way, Actor's Café is a café where actors serve customers while playing a role and the cooking and desserts are something too.
If you have a chance, come take a look.


Hello, everyone!

Sakisaka Muku Motif.png Muku Sakisaka
Viewing Period: February 14 to February 16

This is my first time being in charge of updating the blog. I am Muku Sakisaka from Summer Troupe.

Today is February 14, the long-awaited Valentine’s Day! Is everyone planning to give chocolate to someone? On Valentine’s Day, both boys and girls are being a little nervous at school, and I really like the atmosphere!

As your heart pounding with anticipation and anxiety, you open your shoe rack. And there you find a chocolate from that certain someone…! (It reminds me of the 53rd page of the third volume of “Chocolove Holic”!)

If we have our own shoe rack in the dorm, the moment when we open it may be exciting….! We can deliver our chocolate secretly without other person noticing….

Ah! But when I think about it again, the members of our theater company are all males…
And here I was thinking to ask Tetsuro-san, the person in charge of props, to make a shoe rack for everyone in the dorm…
It’d be like “After school☆Shoe Rack♪ Palpitating Great Strategy”....

Now that I think about it, I’ve never heard Tetsuro-san talk about his love experience!
Maybe I should muster up some courage and invite him to our tea party next time…♪

And so, thank you for reading my post until the end!


Actor's Cafe

Mikage Hisoka Motif.png Hisoka Mikage
Viewing Period: February 16 to February 18
Unlocked by: Unlock up to Chapter 10 of the Valentine's Magic event story.

This is Hisoka Mikage from the Winter Troupe.

I made this. I handed it out at the Actor's cafe.

Kazunari told me how to upload the picture.

After helping out at the cafe, we ate sweets together. Arisu was happy with the carrot cake, but as I thought, marshmallows taste better.

It'd be nice if I could make marshmallows with balloons...

...Sakyo got angry with me when I wrote that and was satisfied.
He said it won't update if I don't press the post button.

Blogging is hard...


Citron Motif.png Citron
Viewing Period: February 19 to February 21

Today’s dinner was curry
Yesterday’s dinner was curry,
Tomorrow’s dinner was curry?



Miyoshi Kazunari Motif.png Kazunari Miyoshi
Viewing Period: February 23 to February 25

Supperonis ☆Summer Troupe's Kazunari Miyoshi here ♪
I haven't gotten a turn at the blog at all so I finally gave up waiting and wrote on it anyways
Furuuche-san'll probably be pretty mad when he finds out but~
Whatever, I'll cross that bridge when I get there
I live a happy-go-lucky life after all ('▽') ♪

So like, 2/22 yesterday was Takusu's birthday right~
Despite his tough looks he was born on Cat Day, that's super cute, yeah!?
It's too bad he's really more of a dog person tho~

Then I was talking to Itarun about it and we were like "we should get a happy bday pic of Takusu wearing Kuro's cat ears!"
So, on the topic of that....


We recruited Hisohiso to help us carry out our plan, but
As soon as we slipped the ears on from behind, we were busted within seconds ><
It would've been Takusu kitty ear photo GET too if he'd just kept them on for a little longer~ (;O;)

He was like "no one wants to see me wearing kitty ears"
But what's he talking about~ Tons of people would like to see, right?
I'll take my revenge and try again next year, so wish us luck pls ♪

I wonder who's gonna write the next update~?
Look forward to it kk | ω • )ノ卍


March 2018[edit]

(No Title)

Hyodo Juza Motif.png Juza Hyodo
Viewing Period: March 6 to March 8

I peeked into a cake shop while shopping with Muku
All the packaging was white and green.
But they’re easier for me to buy than pink and red packages so
I’m grateful for it.

By the way
I think we’re going to have an all-member troupe meeting soon.
Settsu seems to know what we’re gonna be discussing…
Who’s on cleaning duty, how to use the new washing machine
We’ve had this all explained to us already.

I also got a LIME message from Kazunari-san saying “keep this a secret from Director-chan, kk? ☆”
What exactly are we discussing at this meeting?

March 6th
Autumn Troupe
Hyodo Juza


Triangle White Day

Ikaruga Misumi Motif.png Misumi Ikaruga
Viewing Period: March 14 to March 16

It's my first blog.
It's already Spring, huh.
Are you all well~?
I'm well~△

Did you know that today, March 14th, is White Day?
While I was thinking I wanted to give something back to all of our fans, Kazu gave me a triangle candy.
If I did this, I could hand out lots! I thought.
So I bought aaaall the triangle candy in the shop!

So with that said~
On March 14th, from 3pm, I'll be handing out triangle candies at the MANKAI theatre!

Of course, boys can get them too~.
Say 'please give me a triangle' to me!

Then, I'll be waiting at the theatre!


This Morning's Happening

Tsukioka Tsumugi Motif.png Tsumugi Tsukioka
Viewing Period: March 16 to March 18
Unlocked by: Unlock up to Chapter 10 of the One Day Princess! event story.

Hello, this is Tsumugi Tsukioka from the Winter Troupe. This is my first time writing a blog post, so I'm a little bit nervous. I'm sorry if it's hard to read...

We held a stage play at the amusement park the other day. If there are any of you who happened to watch it, please let us know your thoughts.

During the play, I took on the role of Prince Candy while Itaru-kun from the Spring Troupe played Prince Macaron. We had so much fun on the stage that we somehow ended up unable to break character...

Even when we were in the washroom this morning, I told him, "Prince Macaron, you still have some bed head, you know." And then Itaru-kun responded to me in Prince Macaron's tone, "Prince Candy, this is on purpose." I think I'd like to play Prince Candy for a little bit longer.

Now that I think about it, Kazunari-kun from Summer Troupe and Banri-kun from Autumn Troupe were there and they laughed so hard. I think it'll become a running joke in the dorm for a while.

Spring has come already, huh. Since the season is changing, please take care of your health, everyone.

This is all from Tsumugi Tsukioka of the Winter Troupe.


Spring Has Come

Chigasaki Itaru Motif.png Itaru Chigasaki
Viewing Period: March 25 to March 27

Hello. This is Chigasaki Itaru from the Spring Troupe.

Soon, it'll be "that" season.

......Yes, hay fever.

I'm lucky as I do not have hay fever but those infected by hay fever have it quite bad.

I would like to be able to avoid the hay fever, should I just stay shut in my room? But I'd yearn for the fresh air of spring if I did do that.

Ahh but, yesterday after practice, it was rare that everyone from Spring Troupe went out to eat. Because Citron insisted, we didn't have a choice. Sakuya and Tsuzuru said it was their first time eating sushi and as usual Masumi has his poker face on. Citron always ate shrimp while Chikage only ordered the expensive kind. As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the salmon but still sampled other types as well.

It's nice when it's lively while eating at the dorms but occasionally indulging in extravagant food can also be a nice change.

Anyway, the adults paid for the food so don't worry.

Ah, I forgot something important.

Summer Troupe's fourth play "First Crush Baseball" is getting excellent reviews. Please support it.


April 2018[edit]

Today Only 『club MANKAI』

Furuichi Sakyo Motif.png Sakyo Furuichi
Viewing Period: April 1

This is 『club MANKAI』’s owner, Furuichi Sakyo.

『club MANKAI』 is a cozy, tucked-away host club that lies in the corner of Veludo Way.

You’ve never heard of a cozy, tucked-away host club?
We have absolutely no need for that kind of tsukkomi.

Our club has twenty-two hosts, including me, the owner.
We feature a diverse range of options, starting with the classics, like the little-brother type, oresama-type, prince-type… to oddities like a cult-type and a mom-type.
I promise you’ll find a host to your liking.

“A host club is a little expensive and difficult for me to enter…”
I’m sure many people feel that way.
But we are a cozy and reasonable host club.
(※ However, note that this may vary depending on the host you choose.)

The ultimate form of healing and the perfect amount of spice for the everyday lives of all mankind—.
(※ However, note that this may vary depending on the host you choose.)

『club MANKAI』promises you a wonderful moment of bliss.
Today, as always, we open again.

【 Advertisement for Recruitment 】
『club MANKAI』is currently recruiting new members ☆
We welcome recommendations and self-recommendations! All jobs and careers welcome!
You, too, should aim to be the no. 1—and only-one!
Those who wish to join us should contact the owner, Furuche, also known as Furuichi! (Miyoshi)


The Secret Trick to April Fool's

Sumeragi Tenma Motif.png Tenma Sumeragi
Viewing Period: April 2 - April 4

I'm Tenma Sumeragi from the Summer Troupe.

Yesterday, April 1st, was April Fool's.
Every year in the company it turns into a bit of an event.

Who was fooled, or who did the fooling...
The dorms were in an uproar from early in the morning.

Kumon and Taichi were fooled the most.
I think the two of them must have been fooled about five times each.

Of course, I wasn't fooled.
Not once. Amazing, right?
That's because first thing in the morning, Chikage-san taught me a secret trick:
"If you say "OK" to all the April Fool's lies, they'll lose their effect."

So yesterday, I just answered "OK" to everything I was told.
Though I did hesitate a bit when Omi-san said, "I received a lot of carrots, so tomorrow's dinner menu will have a lot of carrots in it, but is that alright?"...

Speaking of April Fool's, Sakoda-san was saying, "I think I had a dream where everyone in MANKAI Company became a host!"
Our troupe members as hosts, huh...
There are people who'd probably be able to, or rather people who wouldn't seem out of place even if they did, but there are more people who'd make things turn dicey if they were hosts...
Well, if we're putting on a play it seems like it'd be fun, though.

...Now that this is written, it seems dinner is just about ready.
It turned out longer than I expected. Thanks for reading this far.


Blooming Season

Yukishiro Azuma Motif.png Azuma Yukishiro
Viewing Period: April 7 - April 9

This is Winter Troupe’s Yukishiro Azuma. This is the time of year when new daily lives and new school years begin.

Sakuya, Banri, and Juza are all doing their best in their new environments, so I also wanted to challenge myself to do “something new”—a “first”—and tried writing this blog post.
Unlike a diary, a blog post is seen by many people, so I wasn’t sure what to write.
It’s my first time, so my writing might come off as a little stiff, but I hope everyone will go ahead and read it.

The cherry blossoms at the dorms reached full bloom the other day.
We need to make cherry blossom viewing plans as soon as possible so we can admire the flowers at their peak.
I should order some delicious sakura-mochi while I can.

By the way, a friend of mine who lives far away seems to have opened an inn; they sent me a direct mail saying, “Come visit any time.”
It’s supposed to be a very nice place surrounded by nature, so I hope I can visit along with everyone in the troupe.
Apparently there are famous cherry blossom viewing spots as well.

I hope everyone reading this also makes lovely spring memories.

See you.

Winter Troupe, Yukishiro Azuma


Flower Viewing

Rurikawa Yuki Motif.png Yuki Rurikawa
Viewing Period: April 12 - April 14

This is Yuki Rurikawa from the Summer Troupe.

The Spring Troupe and the Winter Troupe are currently at a training camp.
I think the dorms are just a little quieter than usual.
Half the people aren't here, so that's only natural.

It's not particularly lonely or anything, so don't misunderstand me there.

Yesterday, the Summer and Autumn Troupes went flower viewing, but the cherry blossoms at the dorms are starting to fall, so it left us with a bit of a dissatisfied feeling.
Well, we do only have one cherry blossom tree, after all.

For the flower viewing, we just ate food and sweets...That sort of feel.
When I threw a frisbee to the Wan-Wan Combi they happily chased after it. They really are dogs.
Banri was recording a video, so I'll have him show me sometime.

Thanks to all the people who came to see "First Crush Baseball".
The costumes were cute, right?
I don't make matching things much at all, so it was pretty fun making uniforms.
Let me know what you thought of the costumes and the acting.


Training Camp

Usui Masumi Motif.png Masumi Usui
Viewing Period: April 18 - April 20
Unlocked by: Unlock up to Chapter 10 of the Petals Flutter, You Slumber event story.

I'm Spring Troupe's Usui Masumi.

Spring and Winter Troupe went on a training camp together.

We had a flower viewing during training camp. I spent most of it sleeping with Hisoka.

We got scolded by Sakyo once we got back.
Even though we practiced hard and everything. Who knows why.

Before we publish our blog posts
We're supposed to have Sakyo check them
But there's other guys who go right ahead and post anyways, so I'll ignore that too.

We should just get rid of this rule already.

Part-Time Zombie

Settsu Banri Motif.png Banri Settsu
Viewing Period: April 28 - May 1
Unlocked by: Unlock up to Chapter 18 of Act 7.

Autumn Troupe, Settsu Banri.

Autumn Troupe and Summer Troupe went to this event called Zombie Run Night the other day.
It’s kinda like a game of… tag (?) where zombies chase guests around the amusement park.

Stuff happened, so Azami and I were both in it as zombies, but we seriously won way too easily.
I was honestly hoping they’d put up more of a fight.
But I got to see that old man freak out, so maybe it was worth it.

I guess it helped Autumn Troupe practice for our play, too.
Though I’m playing a human role.

So yeah, Autumn Troupe’s Fourth Performance, “DEAD/UNDEAD.”
TY for your support like always.


May 2018[edit]

Golden Week

Minagi Tsuzuru Motif.png Tsuzuru Minagi
Viewing Period: May 2 - May 5

This is the Spring Troupe's Tsuzuru Minagi.

How do you all plan to spend Golden week?
This year, I plan to go home to my family again.
When I go back, I'll be spending a lot of time watching animated movies with my youngest brothers;
I'll be made to watch the same thing over and over again, until I can say the lines from memory......

But works targeted at children have a plot that's easy to understand, so it'll be good study for my scripts.
They're interesting for adults to watch too, so I recommend them to everyone.

This is about the troupe members other than me, but they've each made their own plans:
going home to family like me; working part-time jobs; going on trips; being guest performers in plays......
It looks like the troupe's group LIME will be as lively as ever during Golden Week.

I hope all of you have a fun Golden Week too.

Well, then. This has been the Spring Troupe's Tsuzuru Minagi.

Big Break ☆

Nanao Taichi Motif.png Taichi Nanao
Viewing Period: May 5 - May 7

Autumn Troupe, Taichi Nanao!
The blogger you've been waiting for...Sure gets you pumped up, doesn't it~☆

In society, it's Golden Week!
Everyone, are you enjoying it~?

Apparently everyone from the Spring and Winter troupes went on a training camp before...
It sounded like a celeb training camp and I'm so jealous...!

When will the Summer and Autumn Troupe's training camp be!?
I heard Sakyo-nii was planning it, but...
I'm excited to see what kind of celeb trip it'll become! (≧▽≦)
We'll update the blog with the info!

Speaking of which, today's the 5/5, Children's Day,
so there are lots of carp streamers swimming in the dorm's garden too!

The carp streamers were all handmade by everyone in the troupe ☆
Some had triangle eyes, and some were odd-eyed...
Everyone's personalities are clashing together! LOL

Kazu-kun took a ton of photos,
so you've gotta check Inste~♪

Omi-kun was getting fired up about making chimaki and kashiwamochi,
so I'm looking forwards to supper tonight!

Well then, I'll end things here for today! (`‐´)ノ

★☆★Taichi Nanao★☆★

May Chatter

Arisugawa Homare Motif.png Homare Arisugawa
Viewing Period: May 12 - May 14

The season for young, green leaves.
As we approach the first day of summer, the weather truly is perfect for early summer.
Though it's only been about a month since the trees in the courtyard changed into their green attire,
it seems we too must soon change into our next outfits......

First is the Winter Troupe's fourth play.
What sort of thing will come next......The pounding of my heart grows from day to day.
So much so that I look enquiringly upon Tsuzuru-kun and the director's faces a hundred times a day.

Well, I shall await the completed script
while stringing together words with sensitivity and poetic inspiration,
and constantly supplying marshmallows in my spare time as usual.

To all of you who love MANKAI Company,
please look forwards to it too.