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Many edits can be performed by copying & pasting what has already been done. If you are unsure of anything, please contact one of us on Discord or Twitter.


Story Pages[edit]

See Wiki Guide/Story Pages.

Character Pages[edit]


Lyric Pages[edit]

If possible, refer to the track lists on the Music page and follow the link for the appropriate song you wish to create a page for.

The format for lyric page titles is Song Title

For the easiest way of setting up a page, load the Lyric Pages boilerplate when creating a new page. See here if you're unsure about how to load a boilerplate. You may still want to check Template:Lyrics and Template:Music Infobox for instructions on filling out the information.

To manually create a page:

  • You can look at SICK SICK SICK as a base template for how to set up a lyric page.
  • Use Template:Lyrics underneath a =Lyrics= header. More instructions available on the template page.
    • Lyrics within lyric boxes should be wrapped in <poem></poem> tags. This will automatically format the lyrics inside with linebreaks and verse breaks for you.
    • For songs with multiple singers, you can use Template:Name in the lyrics to make life easier. Example: Shoutai
  • Each lyric page should have an infobox. See Template:Music Infobox for detailed info on how to add one.
  • A play song should have the category [[Category: Play Songs]] and a character song should have [[Category: Character Songs]]

Romanization Standards[edit]



  • MANKAIカンパニー = MANKAI Company
  • GOD座 = GOD-za
  • ビロードウェイ = Veludo Way
  • 銀泉会 = Ginsenkai

Characters: Western order preferred. If an official romanization is available (and makes sense), it should be used. eg. Juza instead of Juuza, Sakyo instead of Sakyou

Voice Actors: Western order preferred. If the actor has a particularly stylised way of writing their name (eg. "Jose" instead of "Hose") this takes preference.

If an official romanization isn't available/there's nothing else to go off, long vowels are to follow kana spelling:

  • 宏太朗 = Kōtarō = Koutarou
  • 雄一 = Yūichi = Yuuichi


Particles are to be romanized as they are pronounced in normal speech.

  • は = wa
  • を = o
  • へ = e

Words ending in ん have it connected to the previous word. Separate particles are kept separate, unless the meaning would be changed.

  • 行くんだよ = ikun da yo

Katakana is capitalized, and written as pronounced, not as the translated word if non-Japanese.

  • ロマンス = ROMANSU
  • ページ = PEEJI
  • キミ = KIMI

Japanese punctuation is replaced with English counterparts.

  • 。 = .
  • 。。。 = ... (This is three separate . and not the combined ellipsis character.)
  • () = ()
  • 「」 = ""
  • !? = !?
  • 、 = ,
  • 〜 = ~
  • 〜〜 = ~ (Only use one ~ even when Japanese has more.)
  • ー = - (EXCEPT when it is used as part of katakana.)
  • ーー = --
  • ーーー = -- (Only use up to two - even when Japanese has more.)

If pronunciation is purposely changed from what's written (sometimes happens in song lyrics), write what is said.

  • ちゃんと胸(ココ)にある = chanto KOKO ni aru

English or anything else written in Latin script is kept as-is, save for switching from full-width letters and characters.

  • HI! This is an example sentence. = HI! This is an example sentence.

Uploading Files[edit]

You can upload files several ways. Please remember to check that the file does not already exist before you upload it.

  1. The Upload File page allows you to add one file at a time.
  2. While you are editing any page, you can drag+drop multiple files at once into the editor. These can then be renamed and inserted into the page. If you add files while editing a Category, the files can be added to that category. Otherwise, you will have to edit the File page to add it to a category.
  3. If a page links to a file that does not yet exist, it will show as a red hyperlink. Clicking on the hyperlink will take you to the Upload File page with the file name already filled in. There is a list of Wanted Files as well as Pages with broken file links.

png is the preferred file format, as is a single + for a bloomed card.

Card Files[edit]

The format for card file names is (cardname) firstname attribute rarity type


We already have access to high quality versions of most of the files except for SSR raws (no text covering the image). If you would like to help with uploading the HQ versions we have, please contact the mods on Discord.

Card Icons[edit]

The format for card icons is (cardname) firstname lastname attribute rarity Icon bloomed/unbloomed

If the card comes prebloomed, upload it as ++ Bloomed.

Banners and Promotional Images[edit]

The format for limited scouts is scoutname gacha

The format for event banners is scoutname event banner

The format for event story tabs is Event Story eventname

The format for play posters is playname Poster


Files should be categorised into the following categories:

Pages should be categorised into the following categories:

Translator Notes[edit]

To add a translator note, wrap your note with <ref></ref> tags beside the text you want to add a note to. This will create a footnote at the bottom of the page.

If adding a note, please also add:


at the bottom of the page, above translation credits.

Translator Credit[edit]

Add this to the bottom of the story page:

name should be self-explanatory. Use the link field for adding links to original translations if necessary.
link=[external link]

If there is a section for translation notes, this should go BELOW that. Refer to Translator Notes for how to add a note.