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Last updated: December 16, 2018, 00:42, NY time.

This site is a place where I share various things pertaining to gaming franchises that I like. This section is dedicated to Fire Emblem Heroes, specifically the special maps. Credit for strategies linked here goes to the creators of said strategies, and they are shared for information purposes. No video will be posted here if it is unlisted, unless the creator specifically requests for it to be listed.

Should you find your video listed, and wish for it to be removed, your name that you're credited as to be changed, if you spot any mistakes, or have a video you think should be added, feel free to contact me. You can reach me on reddit as /u/yaycupcake, or you can join the Fire Emblem Heroes Discord's #special-maps room, and @ me (@Sei#2975).

When contacting me with a strategy to add, please use the new submission form page, found here. If you encounter any issues, as always, feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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