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Team Creation[edit]

To access the team/unit creation screen, select Unit Creation (first/yellow screen) from the Members menu.

Guide memberscreen.png

Practice Unit[edit]

This will take you to the Practice Unit screen, or the blue tab. Practice Units are the teams which you can select when doing Practice Missions. You can make up to 5 of these teams. Choosing the auto-select button allows you to quickly create teams prioritising the cards which haven't reached maximum affection.

Guide unit practice.png Guide unit practiceauto.png

Live Performance Unit[edit]

The second/pink tab is the Live Performance Unit screen. These are the teams which are used for Live Performances and during events. There are a total of 6 Live Performance teams you can have. The first 3 teams displayed have backgrounds corresponding to the main attribute of the team: Comedy Comedy (yellow), Action Action (red), and Serious Serious (blue). The leader of these teams must be of that attribute as well. The remaining 3 teams can be whatever you choose.

The auto-select button allows you to choose whether or not to account for seasonal stat bonuses (see Event Guide) when creating the team, and also allows you to automatically create teams based on their attribute stats. Auto-selecting these teams can be helpful when starting out, however to get the most out of your cards, it's recommended to keep Link Skills in mind when making your teams for events.

Guide unit live.png Guide unit liveauto.png

Favourites Unit[edit]

The final/green tab is your Favourites Unit. You can place any cards that you have in this unit. It has no bearing on gameplay, but it determines what cards show up on your profile when it's viewed. Pressing the green button lets you see all the cards you selected without icons or text on them.

Guide unit faves.png Guide unit faves2.png

Leader Skill[edit]

The Leader Skill (主演スキル) which comes into play belongs to the leader of your selected team. All cards have a Leader Skill, which are leveled up through feeding your cards Rare or higher rarity cards. The multiplier increases as you skill up the Leader Skill:

Skill level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
R 1.030 1.035 1.040 1.045 1.050 1.060 1.070 1.080 1.090 1.100
SR 1.050 1.060 1.070 1.100 1.110 1.120 1.130 1.140 1.150 1.160
SSR 1.130 1.140 1.150 1.155 1.160 1.170 1.180 1.190 1.195 1.200

When the skill level reaches 100% it then will level up. As the skill level gets higher, the amount of EXP gained through feeding cards decreases; SR Demon Coach or dupes that have no use can be considered to level up skill levels instead.

Skill level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
R 10% 9% 8% 7% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
SR 30% 27% 24% 21% 18% 15% 12% 9% 6%
SSR 60% 54% 48% 42% 36% 30% 24% 18% 12%

When choosing a Guest Support (客演) during a live performance, the guest card's Leader Skill also comes into play. The same applies for guest appearance skills, ideally you want the guest appearance card's Leader Skill to be as high as it can to provide the biggest point boost.

Support Members (サポートメンバー) are cards that you own which are automatically selected and provide up to 30% boost in points.

Link Skills[edit]

Link Skills (リンクスキル)can help increase the overall points in your team which is vital for events. Skills are activated when the right characters are in your team and can be stacked with other skills that boost the same attribute. The card's rarity does not matter and will still trigger the skill. A maximum of three Link Skills will take effect at any given time.

For more information, see the Link Skills. The Optimal Link Skills section will be particularly helpful for forming your teams during an event.

Seasonal Bonus[edit]

There's a Seasonal Bonus applied to your total points. The Seasonal Bonus is based on the live performance character and what troupe they're in. For example. if the live performance is Sakuya, then a bonus is applied based on how many Spring Troupe members you have in your team.

Number of Members 1 2 3 4 5 6
Multiplier 1.025 1.050 1.075 1.100 1.125 1.150


The basic formula to calculate your points for the live performance battle follows:
Total of your units stats * Leader skill * Guest Leader Skill * (Link Skill (1) * Link skill (2) * Link skill (3)) * Seasonal Bonus + Support Member * Boost

Point calculation 1.png Point calculation 2.png

  • Note that by total of your unit stats, it's the stat that is the live performance attribute so if the live performance is action, then all 6 of the members action stat is added together.
  • The link skill multiplier depends on the link skills percentage.
    • If link skill increases by 30% it'll be 1.3, if by 40% then it'll be 1.4
  • May be slight off due to small decimal places.

Calculations reproduced with permission from @ootsuki_rk