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If you need to contact a mod/admin regarding the Wiki or Twitter, you can contact the following people.

Further details of our team can be found here.

Username Name Description Contact
Yaycupcake Sei Site admin, owns everything (pays for hosting!!), and always suffering (professional sufferer). Loves memes, resident memer. Tried to pull for Azuma's birthday SSR but it was a trick, and she was deceived. Adult Onigiri Club oshi. Mobile game addict, literally has over 100 mobile games installed on phone. If you need help, feel free to ask anywhere.
Yuki SD Icon.pngFimbulvetr Jun Wiki admin, Twitter updates. Manages nitty-gritty bits of the Wiki, proofreads stories, keeps changing things without asking. Resident Yuki oshi. Smad and online 24/7, but mostly smad. Reads all the Wiki Twitter DMs, so feel free to contact there.
Krhs KT Wiki admin, Discord mod, Twitter updates (sometimes), translations (occasionally). Spreadsheet enthusiast & asset hoarder; wishes everything was responsive. Contact for masterlists & game files ♡ Secretly both Shrek and a shark.