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The Outside Work screen allows you to select two different members to perform outside work, earning coins and items. Currently, there are 3 areas to work at that can be unlocked by ranking up.

Each pair of members have unique dialogues at each of the three areas. See Outside Work Conversations to see the different character interactions.

The items that are earned during Outside Work can be used for Special Training.

Location Unlock Method Reset Time Obtainable Items
Veludo Station Front Unlocked by default 4 hours
  • Sakura Seed.png Sakura Seed
  • Sunflower Seed.png Sunflower Seed
  • Cosmos Seed.png Cosmos Seed
  • Narcissus Seed.png Narcissus Seed
Veludo Park Unlocked by getting Water me! 8 hours
  • Sakura Bud.png Sakura Bud
  • Sunflower Bud.png Sunflower Bud
  • Cosmos Bud.png Cosmos Bud
  • Narcissus Bud.png Narcissus Bud
Veludo Town Library Unlocked by reaching Rank 20 12 hours
  • Sakura Flower.png Sakura Flower
  • Sunflower Flower.png Sunflower Flower
  • Cosmos Flower.png Cosmos Flower
  • Narcissus Flower.png Narcissus Flower