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On the My Page (マイページ) screen, players can view their stats and any on-going campaigns or events. The leader of the player's favourites team is also visible on this screen, and will randomly say any of his My Page Lines every 20 seconds or when tapped. Players can access the Notice Board, Presents, Friends, and Tasks screens from this page.

Player Stats[edit]

On the upper right of the My Page, players can view the following information:

  • Current rank and percentage of experience points gained for the next rank up
  • LP and SP
  • Coins and Dia
  • Device battery and time in JST

Clicking on the LP and SP bars will bring up menus for refilling these bars. Dia can also be bought from this area of the screen by clicking the plus sign (+) button.


On the Tasks screen, players can view their currently ongoing tasks, the conditions for clearing these tasks, and the task rewards. Rewards received from this page will appear in the Presents screen, and must be claimed there to add them to the player's inventory.

There are two types of tasks: the Daily Tasks which reset every 12:00 AM JST, and the Weekly Tasks which rest every Monday, 12:00 AM JST.

Check Daily and Weekly Tasks for the full list.


On the Presents screen, players can view a list of their unclaimed presents and a history of the presents that have already been claimed. The list of unclaimed presents can be sorted according to the following categories by clicking the 'Sort' button:

  • By time limit: all (すべて), with time limit (期限あり), without time limit (期限なし)
  • By type: all (すべて), dia (ダイヤ), cards (カード), friend points (フレンドpt), coins (コイン), items (アイテム)

The history of claimed presents can also be sorted by type, following the same categories above.


On the Friends screen, players can view a list of their friends, users they have sent unanswered friend requests to, and users who have sent them unanswered friend requests. Players can also search for users and access the LobiChat from this screen.

On all tabs of the Friends screen, users can be sorted according to most recent login (最後ログイン), rank (ランク), the rarity of their favourite member (レア度), and the level of their favourite member (LV.). On the friends list tab, friends can additionally be sorted according to most recently friended (フレンド期間).

As players rank up, the maximum number of friends they can have increases. Once this limit is reached, no more new friends can be added, and any attempts to accept friend requests will not proceed. This may also occur if the user who sent the friend request has reached their maximum number of friends. The friend request will not be erased in either case.

A player can only have a maximum of 99 pending friend requests sent. Sending any more friend requests after reaching 99 will automatically withdraw friend requests, starting from the oldest. Similarly, a player can only have 99 pending friend requests from other users. Receiving any more friend requests after reaching 99 will automatically deny friend requests, starting from the oldest.

Notice Board[edit]

On the Notice Board, additional details regarding maintenance changes, bugs, and events can be found.