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Level Up Bonuses[edit]

For every 5 levels, you will receive a bonus of Dias or Medals.You will still receive the level up bonuses even after going past rank 100, in the same pattern of 5 Medals → 5 Medals → 50 Dia → 50 Dia.

Level Bonus LP Level Bonus LP
5 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 27 55 Dia.png Dia x50 110
10 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 32 60 Dia.png Dia x50 120
15 Dia.png Dia x50 37 65 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 130
20 Dia.png Dia x50 42 70 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 140
25 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 50 75 Dia.png Dia x50 150
30 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 60 80 Dia.png Dia x50 160
35 Dia.png Dia x50 70 85 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 170
40 Dia.png Dia x50 80 90 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 180
45 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 90 95 Dia.png Dia x50 190
50 Premium Medal.png Premium Medal x5 100 100 Dia.png Dia x50 200 (MAX)

Login Bonuses[edit]

Every day that you log in to A3, you receive Dia.png 1 Dia as a daily login bonus. On special landmark days you can also receive extra dia.

Occasion Reward
Day 10 Dia.png Dia x5
Day 30 Dia.png Dia x10
Day 60 Dia.png Dia x10
Day 100 Dia.png Dia x10
Day 150 Dia.png Dia x10
+50 days Dia.png Dia x15
Day 365 Dia.png Dia x20
Day 400 Dia.png Dia x20
+50 days Dia.png Dia x20

Special Bonuses[edit]

On special occasions such as birthdays and during events, you can receive extra bonuses for logging in.

Rookie Bonus[edit]

For the first seven days you log in, you can receive a special login bonus. You get Dia.png 5 dia a day from Days 1-6 and Premium Medal.png 10 medals on Day 7.You are also greeted with a special line from the following characters starting from Sakuya.

SakuyaDirector! I'm glad I can see you again today!
TenmaSigh...You're the only one who could make me wait.
BanriYou seem kinda happy. Did you want to meet me?
TsumugiThe garden's peaceful today too.
MasumiYou came to see me? You're always welcome.
YukiIt's not like I was waiting for you.
CitronI can see you again today! I'll greet you with a hug.

Daily Conversations[edit]

Login bonuses are accompanied by a rotating series of ten pair conversations.

Day 1[edit]

SakuyaTasuku-san! How can I grow big like you?
TasukuExercise every day and eat well. Want to go running together from tomorrow?

Day 2[edit]

MasumiI thought I'd die if I couldn't see you. Take responsibility and marry me.
KazunariMassu~, you're thinking too far ahead. So funny! Welcome backapple, Director!

Day 3[edit]

TsuzuruHuh, was it your turn to cook today, Omi-san?
OmiYeah. I was stuck between beef stroganoff and paella, but which do you think is better?""

Day 4[edit]

ItaruAh, Banri. If you don't pick up that item there you won't be able to clear this, so be careful.
BanriHuuuh? You're saying this now -- wait, ahhhhhh!! It's over. 'Continue' again, huh...

Day 5[edit]

CitronHomare, you like armpit meat blood-drenched plays, right?
HomareArmpit meat blood-drenched?! There's no phrase like that in my dictionary...

Day 6[edit]

TenmaI kind of feel like my body's in danger...
AzumaOh my, what are you misunderstanding, Tenma. I won't do anything, so come here.

Day 7[edit]

YukiCome on, stupid dog! Don't look away while you're sewing! ...Honestly. It's not my fault if you get injured.
TaichiYuki-chan, pinning is too hard! Ah, Director! Welcome back!

Day 8[edit]

MukuAhh, you brought back cake! Should I have the chocolate cake or the shortcake?
JuzaThen you can go halves with me. I'll give you the strawberry from the shortcake.

Day 9[edit]

MisumiAhh! That marshmallow's like a triangle!
HisokaToo bad. It's a diamond.

Day 10[edit]

TsumugiSakyo-san, you seem more tired than usual. Are you worried about something? You can talk to me.
SakyoTch. Oi, don't come near me! I can't stand how you see right through me.