Daily and Weekly Tasks

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Daily Tasks[edit]

Daily tasks reset at midnight JST (Japanese Standard Time), and the season of the bud and seed rewards changes each day.

Daily Lessons are also available and the rewards depend on the day of the week.

Task Reward
Clear Practice Lessons 3 times (Demon Coach) Yuzo Action N Icon.png(Demon Coach) Yuzo Comedy N Icon.png(Demon Coach) Yuzo Serious N Icon.png N Yuzo Kashima x1 (Varies)
Clear Performance 3 times Sakura Bud.pngSunflower Bud.pngCosmos Bud.pngNarcissus Bud.png Bud x1 (Varies)
Clear Outside Work 1 time Sakura Seed.pngSunflower Seed.pngCosmos Seed.pngNarcissus Seed.png Seed x1 (Varies)
Complete all daily tasks Dia.png Dia x1

Weekly Tasks[edit]

Weekly tasks reset every Monday at 12:00 AM (the midnight between Sunday and Monday), JST.

Task Reward
Log in every day of the week (7 day streak) Dia.png Dia x5
Clear Practice Lessons 21 times Coin.png 30,000 Coins
Clear Performance 21 times Dia.png Dia x5
Do Outside Work 7 times Friend point.png 4000 Friend Points