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This page is for editors to list what projects for the wiki they are working on, so we don't have multiple people doing the same thing.[edit]

Please add your name to the list on this page, and indicate what you're working on. For example, if you're translating certain chapters of the story, please indicate which.[edit]


  • Writtentofreedom - Card template and collecting card stats
  • Yaycupcake - Story hub page, story chapter page layout
  • RenLovesAnime - Prologue
  • Frejya - Act 1, The Show Must Go On!
  • Rie - Act 2, Kokufuku no Summer! (A Summer of Overcomings!)
  • ciel - Act 3: Badboy Portrait
  • Airi - All of Masumi (and some other random) backstages (airi is dying)
  • Bloodiris - Practice achievement conversations (mini conversations)
  • nids - cross backstage stories, all yuki's backstage stories
  • Hoshiko - Home page lines/quotes
  • Lina - Itaru Backstage stories
  • Krhs - translations (outside work, special training, lesson room)
  • Fimbulvetr/Jun - crying
  • Pongee/Maria - Act 4: Once More, From Here On
  • carlitos-all of Kamekichi
  • kakipii - mini conversations, home screen lines (hisoka + sakuya first!)