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Troupe Member Blog (劇団員ブログ Gekidanin BUROGU) was introduced into the game in the 2.0.0 update, accessible via the mobile phone icon on the home screen. It features blog posts written by the members of MANKAI Company.

Blog Posts[edit]

January 2018[edit]

Hello everyone!

This is Spring Troupe's leader, Sakuya Sakuma.
We've been running a troupe blog for a while, but Sakyo-san suggested we renew it, so here we are.
I'll leave his comment here.

Absurd Japanese, a ridiculous number of typographical errors, far too personal blog posts...
This troupe blog was simply not doing its job in any way or form; in order to do away with this situation, we decided to re-examine the ways of blogging. From now on, we'll run this blog under proper rules.
I'll do my best to proofread, but if you see some unsightly posts here and there, please let them slide.

...That's all!
There's no particular order for these blog posts... it seems like whoever wants to write next will write next!
Please look forward to our next update!

February 2018[edit]

A Big Uproar

Hello. Fushimi Omi from Autumn Troupe here.
This is only the second entry of this blog, I thought I have to do it properly so in the beginning I typed it all formally, but Sakyo-san told me…
"Too stiff. Write it more roughly so the fans can read it more easily. It's not an essay see".
I think the others will write like this too.

The preface was long but…

The truth is the other day the oven in the dorms broke down, there was a real uproar.
Fortunately, the cause was the looseness of some parts so I asked Tasuku-san and he fixed it the day after but…
On that day I couldn't make sweets, see.
I made a promise to bake chocolate cookies with Muku, so both him and Juza were extremely depressed. My heart was in pain.

So, I went to a popular Western sweets store in Veludo Way and bought cookies, but I was surprised to see the interior of the store was all Valentine themed.

Thinking of which it's Valentine soon huh.
Good thing the oven was fixed quickly.
Seems like this year too I'll be able to give sweets to all the Company members.

Speaking of which, on the way home I passed by the Actor's Café and seemed like they were working on the interior design.
They might open it for a limited time again.
By the way, Actor's Café is a café where actors serve customers while playing a role and the cooking and desserts are something too.
If you have a chance, come take a look.