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Welcome to the A3! Wiki

A3! stands for "Act! Addict! Actors!" and is a mobile game by Liber Entertainment.

We're just getting set up here. Feel free to help out by adding information, screenshots, or anything you can. Some formatting guidelines can be found on the Wiki Guide. Don't be afraid to add new pages for guides or translations, though it would be great if you checked WIP to see what's a work in progress. If something is listed as a WIP already, please do not pick up that same task. This is to prevent two people working on the same task in different ways, and to keep things as productive as possible. You can also join us on Discord to chat about the game, and follow us on Twitter for updates on the game and Wiki.

Our sidebar navigation is still in progress, but you can always use Special:AllPages to view what we have so far!

Want to affiliate with us? Join our Discord and contact a mod, or message me (the site admin) on reddit or Twitter.